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Whoa! It's August already?! The summer always seems to fly by... we're having too much fun I guess :)

That means fall is right around the corner here in Calgary, and we can't wait to see those wonderful colours. As we look ahead to our fall family sessions, here's a look back at 2017's Other Life Adventures so far:

And we can't do a post about family photography without including some of our own! January 2017 marked a very special occasion for us as we welcomed our son into the world - Brighton (for those that haven't met him), or as he's known around here - Boo Boo. Here's a little look at his journey so far: 

Alyssa + Jacob | Emerald Lake Elopement | Intimate Wedding Photographers

Alyssa + Jacob decided to head west from London, Ontario and elope to Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park. And what a perfect location to choose! 

Even though we had only skyped beforehand, we immediately felt like we knew these two lovebirds. With just the 4 of us through the day, we could 'feel' their excitement and love for one another. This is why elopements miiiight just be our favourite. They are so intimate, so genuine - there are absolutely no distractions.

Alyssa + Jacob - it was an absolute honour to act as your witnesses and to be invited to capture this special day for you. We will certainly be knocking on your door for a visit if/when we're travelling out east to Ontario. 

Location/Venue: Emerald Lake Lodge | www.crmr.com

HMUA: Blush + Coco | https://www.facebook.com/BlushandCoco/

Remember to hit play below, relax and enjoy A+J's story:   

Annaciara + Aria | Moraine Lake Elopement | Banff Elopement Photographers

This one is hard to put into words but here it goes...

Annaciara + Aria had originally planned to elope from their home State of Oklahoma to the Canadian Rockies. As soon as their families caught wind of their plans, things shifted to include their immediate family as well. This lead to an incredibly intimate wedding, nestled into the backdrop of stunning Moraine Lake. 

Set at the end of May, the lake was partially frozen, creating a ethereal mix of white snow and open water. The scenery was only matched by A+A's obvious love for one another. This was hands down one of our favourite weddings ever (and believe it or not, these two hotties do puzzles in their spare time!)

Floral Design: Amborella Studio | www.amborella.ca

HMUA: The Pretty Haus | www.theprettyhaus.com

Location: The Post Hotel + Moraine Lake | www.posthotel.com

Bride's Dress: BHLDN

Groom's Suit: Lubiam | Shoes: Dino Bigioni 

Make sure to hit play below, relax and enjoy A+A's story:

Sarah + Chris | Rocky Mountain Wedding | Canmore Wedding Photographers

We've had such an amazing (+ busy) stretch from late May to now, and Sarah + Chris's Canmore wedding is what started it all! This was pretty much the definition of a fun wedding. No negative or nervous energy, just good vibes all around. 

Congrats again Sarah + Chris, we are so happy for you both and it was a pleasure being a part of your day! 


Floral Designer: Willow Flower Company | willowflowercompany.ca 

Ceremony Venue: Rundleview Parkette | Town of Canmore | canmore.ca

Reception Venue: Cornerstone Theatre | cornerstonecanmore.com 

Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist: Pretty Haus | theprettyhaus.com 

Cake: Cake Creations | cakecreations.ca 


Make sure to hit play below, relax and enjoy Sarah + Chris's Story:

Nancy + Robby | Lake Minnewanka Engagement Banff National Park

Time for a little backstory... as told by Kendal.

Once upon a time, long ago... (well before K+K Photography was our jam) Kevin started his very first photo blog. Music + photography were very big passions of his at the time (and still are), and so the concept of his blog was to share his photos and whatever music he happened to be listening to at the time. Each post had a feature song, paired with some photos. In naming this lovely little blog, he came up with the ingenious title of 'Photo and a Song'. Sadly, after a year or so, this creative venture was put away to make room for bigger and better things.

Music is still a big part of our lives, inspiring us in almost everything that we do. It can be wonderfully powerful, especially when paired with visuals. Moving forward we're going to be pairing our Love Story posts with a song, carefully curated to add to your story. Isn't everything better with a little music? We think so :) 

And so here we are, reviving Kevin's original concept - it's like we're coming full circle (and Kevin is prrretttty pumped). 

Make sure to hit play, relax and enjoy Nancy + Robby's story: