our story


Hi! We are Kendal + Kevin, a married lifestyle photographer duo living in Calgary, Canada.

It was many years ago now, but shortly after our first date in a dingy english pub, we both fell deep in love - with each other and with photography. It was a shared passion that brought us on our current journey and we couldn't be happier. We are constantly amazed at the great outdoors and nature's influence is sewn into our work. To tell you the truth, our couple's love for one another has inspired us even further, surpassing that sense of awe. We are forever grateful to be wedding photographers and we look forward to hearing from you - simply SAY HELLO :)

(P.S. After many wonderful years together, we welcomed a third to our team (he's that little old man you see on our Instagram Stories).We may be a little biased... but he's adorable!)         


KENDAL | wife, mama + photographer

  • pretty obsessed with cheese
  • could probably say the same thing about red wine
  • always up for a good walk
  • love having bangs.. until I don't
  • like to paint 
  • enjoy bossing Kevin around

KEVIN | husband, dad + photographer

  • pretty tall at 6'4
  • used to work as a professional biologist
  • love music and work hard at growing my vinyl collection
  • camping + hiking is my jam
  • strangely enjoy working on spreadsheets
  • enjoy bossing Kendal around