Evening walks in Gattigues

Kevin and I often go for walks around Gattigues at night. There is something very simple and beautiful about living in the country, especially Gattigues. Even though its serene calmness is undeniable, we've both discovered... we're definitely city people. In the meantime, we will be living in southern France for another 3 weeks and still have quite a few things we would like to see & do!  We are excited to have booked an apartment in the small fortress city of Saint Malo in Bretagne for a month though! We plan to be there from Nov 20th-Dec 20th. Before that though, we have a trip to visit some new friends in Madrid and then heading to Cinque Terre, Italy with my parents! 

*And... after almost two bottles of wine, Kevin has come to the conclusion that 'filmography and photography are incredibly similar.' Thank you for your input. 

Love from France, Bisous! xoxo

Kendal Dyer