The many sides of Saint-Malo

Saint Malo is a stunning seaside city in northern France. I think I'm having a bit of a love affair with it.. which may be why you haven't seen many photos yet! One thing I noticed while going through some of my photos is that there was a real divide in my shots. Overall, Saint-Malo is a very grey city- I love the beautiful simplicity this creates! However, I find that this has really makes me search for colour in interesting places. 

As for our trip. It's going very well, we are starting to feel like locals here in Saint-Malo. The other day we had someone tell us we 'speak good french'... either she was confused or we drank too much wine. Either way, it felt like a huge success. 

We've had a few family shoots since we've been here which has been a nice change of pace and we've been lucky to meet some awesome families. We were even invited out for a morning of 'sea walking'. Confused, we agreed to take part in putting on wetsuits & boots and walking with a group through the sea (of all ladies- lucky Kav!). Being from the prairies, I unfortunately put my wetsuit on inside out... in which Kevin informed me I looked like a 'Pink Power Ranger.' After switching that around, we headed out and had a very rough day at sea. I was the first to get pummelled by a wave, but it wasn't too long 'til we were all taken out. By far- one of the funniest things we've done here. And it all ended with a double-complete rainbow!

Also, Kevin has started counting how many times I trip over my feet per day. Cobblestone streets are definitely not my friends. Things got serious a few weeks back when I twisted my ankle had a week or so where I couldn't walk. But things are back on track.. and Kevin is back to counting. 

Anywho, lots of love to all of our friends! 

Bisous, Kendal