Royal Châteaux: Versailles + Fontainebleau

We had the utmost pleasure of having my best friend, Missy, come join us in Paris for a couple of weeks over New Years! We took a few day trips from the city to visit the gorgeous royal palaces in the region: Versaille and the lesser known, Fontainebleau. It amazes me how incredibly ornate both of the palaces are, such an amazing attention to detail- the moldings, doorways, walls, ceilings and floors, there was no spot left untouched.  I love imagining what life must have been like, I like to think we would have fit right in Miss! Kevin on the other hand...

A lot of our time in Paris is a bit undocumented.. but trust me, we've been having a great time! I've taken a break from photos for a while because truthfully- it's hard to look authentically Parisian when you're carrying a big DSLR camera around:) We've actually become quite good at looking local- people ask for directions in french all the time. (in which case our cover is always blown) 

Anyways,  on a more embarrassing note- I've been eating pastries the size of my face a lot lately. I don't typically like pastry at home but apparently I had never tried a Palmier before. These are rolled up puff pastries sprinkled with sugar and baked until they are caramelized... just a bit crunchy and utterly perfect. The other day I was told that I just asked for two apple trees to-go. Oh the french pronunciation: Pomm versus Palm. Don't worry... I got what I needed. 

Bisous xo