Allison, Matt + Denver | Inglewood, Calgary | Lifestyle Family Session

The biggest thing we emphasize to our family clients is to think of what makes your family tick. What are you favourite spots in the city or activities that keep you busy on the weekend? Once we hear that, we can plan a lifestyle session around that. 

When we heard that these 3 love to eat at fun restaurants, exploring urban areas and grabbing a coffee, we knew that we'd be a good match (those are three of our favourite things to do as well!). Cafe Rosso has a beautiful new location in Inglewood so we decided to start the shoot there and then wandered down 9th ave, cut over to some side streets and then ended by the Bow River.

The sun in Calgary can be a bit intense at times during the summer months, but if you wait until the evening you can also get some really nice (and super long) golden lighting. This was their first family shoot and with Denver graduating and leaving the house soon, it was so awesome to be able to capture these moments!

We had a great time hanging with you guys and hopefully we'll run into you down at Cafe Rosso again soon!