Leslie + Scott | Day After Session | Puerto Morelos, Mexico

We always get extremely pumped for Day After Sessions with our clients! It's a chance to slow things down a little, relax and relive the emotions of the wedding day. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to go on an adventure with the couple. Case in point- Leslie + Scott's amazing Day After Session in Puerto Morelos, Mexico! 

After their stunning Wedding, we all hopped in a cab and headed towards the small fishing town to see what we could find. After a stroll along the beach, we found a willing captain to take us out on to the water for a quick boat ride around the region's barrier reef. Scott even managed to dip in to have a look at the fish (with a little help from Leslie). 

Back on land we stopped for some food and drinks (a little tequila of course), and finally headed out to the dock as the sun was setting. The pair looked at each other... and before long we were all stripping down to our undies + diving off the dock. We absolutely love when our clients are pushing boundaries and seeking out new adventures and this was one of those magical moments! It was a blast you guys and maybe next time it'll be a dip into a mountain lake (could be a little colder).

If you're wondering about a Day After Session yourself, make sure to ask + Say Hello :)

p.s. - a special thanks to Ang Roxburgh for second shooting this session! Couldn't have done it without you!