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We call Inglewood home and we couldn’t be happier. A large part of what makes the community tick is the historic 9th Avenue and the awesome local and creative businesses. 

If you know us well, you'll know that we love our coffee. We miiiighhttt even spend a little too much time drinking coffee (especially now that we have a baby!) Rosso Coffee Roasters started their story in neighbouring Ramsay and have since setup their flagship location on 9th (only 2 blocks away from our house!). We chatted with Jessie from Rosso to learn more. 

Tell us the history of Rosso Coffee Roasters. When and where did it first launch? Owned and operated by two brothers, David Crosby and Cole Torode, Rosso’s first location opened in Ramsay’s Dominion Bridge site in 2007. 

What is the aim of Rosso and how do you position yourselves in the Calgary coffee scene? Calgary has an amazing and diverse coffee culture that we are proud to be a part of! Our goal is to source, roast and brew the best coffee possible, while creating a community gathering space with a focus on total customer service. 

Tell us about your Inglewood flagship location. On your website you say that you’re community oriented - why did you choose Inglewood? What about the neighbourhood attracted you to this space on the historic 9th ave? Inglewood was a natural fit for us. Being a stones throw from our original cafe/roasterie we were already very familiar and engaged in the community. 

You also have a very cool coffee subscription service, can you tell us a little more about this program? Rosso’s coffee subscription brings freshly roasted coffee to your door as frequently as you would like. It is always roasters choice, unless you specify a favourite, so you have the opportunity to try new and exciting coffees throughout the year. Delivery is free within the city limits

What 3 items are must-haves for YYC coffee lovers? Freshly roasted coffee is a must, a quality burr grinder and your favourite brewing device .