A K+K Love Note


Your love is a force of nature, wild + unscripted. It blows in without warning, a mind of its own. New love takes hold, pushing + pulling. Your heart bounces around like a kite in the wind.  Life has soared to a new height. A feeling so new yet warm + familiar, blanketed in the soft morning light. Together, holding hands under the sun. You move mountains, together, as one.

Artboard 4.png

Your love is sincere, spontaneous and unfolds with ease. It is quirky + eclectic. It cannot be controlled but instead, it deserves to be celebrated. The idea of marriage is beautiful, strong and confident. We know it isn't always perfect and that's okay. Naturally, it is perfect in it's imperfections. Your wedding day affirms that you’ve found a home in each other. It is knowingly looking at one another, saying 'I DO' and diving into the deep ocean blue, emerging with nothing but open waters ahead.