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Your love is a force of nature, wild + unscripted. It blows in without warning, a mind of its own. New love takes hold, pushing + pulling. Your heart bounces around like a kite in the wind.  Life has soared to a new height. A feeling so new yet warm + familiar, blanketed in the soft morning light. Together, holding hands under the sun. You move mountains, together, as one. 

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Your love is sincere, spontaneous and unfolds with ease. It is quirky + eclectic. It cannot be controlled but instead, it deserves to be celebrated. The idea of marriage is beautiful, strong and confident. We know it isn't always perfect and that's okay. Naturally, it is perfect in it's imperfections. Your wedding day affirms that you’ve found a home in each other. It is knowingly looking at one another, saying 'I DO' and diving into the deep ocean blue, emerging with nothing but open waters ahead.

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Your love is our inspiration - pure, authentic and timeless. We curate and craft our work to reflect nothing less. Specializing in elopements + intimate weddings, we are husband and wife wedding photographers based in the shadows of the Canadian Rockies.


We are Kendal + Kevin Photography.  


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Hi! We are Kendal + Kevin, a married lifestyle photographer duo living in Calgary, Canada.

It was many years ago now, but shortly after our first date in a dingy english pub, we both fell deep in love - with each other and with photography. It was a shared passion that brought us on our current journey and we couldn't be happier. We are constantly amazed at the great outdoors and nature's influence is sewn into our work. To tell you the truth, our couple's love for one another has inspired us even further, surpassing that sense of awe. We are forever grateful to be wedding photographers and we look forward to hearing from you - simply SAY HELLO :)

(P.S. After many wonderful years together, we welcomed a third to our team (he's that little old man you see on our Instagram Stories).We may be a little biased... but he's adorable!)     


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2018 Love Stories

K+K Elopements | elopements + intimate weddings are our absolute favourite! We love how emotionally raw and perfectly relaxed the day is. With zero distractions, your focus is on nothing but each other (just as it should be). The Rockies are our jam but wherever you decide to elope, we'd love to hear all about it. 

...collections start at $2600


K+K Weddings | there's nothing better than gathering your closest friends and family, celebrating together as one, making for a pretty spectacular day (and one kick-ass party!) No matter what your style is, we always stress that you make your wedding truly yours. If you fully agree, we would love to meet and chat some more about your vision - we're excited to hear more!

...collections start at $3800


Want to learn more about your 2018 Love Stories? Awesome.  SAY HELLO and we will be in touch! 


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So glad you've found us. Looking to book a session or want to learn more? Send us a note at hello@kendalandkevin.ca or fill out the contact form below. 

Are you recently engaged? We would love to meet for coffee (or wine/beer) if you are from Calgary. If you're from elsewhere in the world, no worries! We can setup a video call too. Can't wait to hear from you!

*please note that we do book a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that we're able to provide all of our couples with the same amazing experience each.

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