Bon Appétit

A large part of the experience here in France (for me anyways...) is the food and the culture of french eating. Our first big experience with the food culture was the first weekend we arrived in Gattigues. We were invited to a dinner party in which we both sat quite quietly, taking it all in, while the party buzzed around us. Dinner seemed to last for almost 3 hours, it was slow and methodical. The food and drink weren't rushed, or a separate part of the evening - instead everything revolved around the food. An enjoyable experience, one that we hope to bring home with us! (Who's coming over for some loooonnng dinner parties!?) 

Trying new foods has always been a bit of a passion of mine so with such an amazing array of local wines, cheeses and produce available in France it seems silly not to try to taste it all :)  

Another reason for this post is that I've never really given 'Food Photography' much thought or effort before now. I figured I might as well combine some passions... and so, Kevin and I headed to the market to pick out some fresh food for our big photo shoot, held on the kitchen floor. The photos are a bit 'moodier' than my typical shots but overall, I'm quite happy with the results. Enjoy!

Love from France, Bisous xo