Autumn in Lussan

Lussan is a beautiful little town close to Gattigues. It was eerily quiet the day we were there but that just added to the beauty! The leaves are changing colours which really reminded  me of fall at home. We just wandered around and took photos and ended our day with a couple of beers on a cliff overlooking the countryside. (*We bought a box of 30 beers for 8 Euros that jangled around in our backseat for about a month... it was a very great day when we finally finished them!)

Anyways, we are officially done with our stay in Gattigues, France. We had a wonderful time and it was  bittersweet leaving (Miss you already AnnaKarin... say hi to Sushi for us!) but we are excited for the upcoming months! 

Also, we have started a little list entitled 'Quoi (what) Le F*ck' with things that we aren't used to, that make us laugh.. or downright confuse us in Southern France. It's become a funny little game for us, I'll share number one: 

1. Nothing is open on Sundays. Or Mondays. Or Tuesdays (now that tourist season is over). Or wait, pretty much whenever they don't feel like it... Quoi le f*ck.

Bisous xo Kendal