St. Quinton-La-Poterie

The other day we ended up in this sweet village, St. Quinton La Poterie. A short drive from our house, we were excited by the change in pace... a few cute restaurants and people buzzing around (Haha... yes- this is a change of pace from Gattigues) There was also a flea market which for those who know me well, was VERY exciting. 

Overall, things are going well for us here. The french is quite challenging seeing as everyone seems to speak english but we are pushing through and have funny little 'frenglish' conversations, mostly with one another but sometimes we let others in on the fun. 

*On a sidenote, Kevin is too tall for France,  He has unfortunately put his neck out & the lady we work for has taken to calling him 'Robocop' for his robotic movements. One of the guests was kind enough to give him a shirtless oil massage in the kitchen this morning. (I'm starting to think he's just faking the whole thing for attention.)

Anyways, we aren't sick of wine or cheese yet and have been having a wonderful time exploring the french countryside. But if anyone is starting to think things are looking too wonderful here, I would you like to know that I stepped on a dead rat (not mouse.. massive rat) the other day.

Love from France. Bisous