Marché Aux Puces

Flea markets, flea markets, flea markets! Nothing excites me more than old treasures. (And old treasures in southern France just seem to come with some pretty amazing stories). Every Sunday morning in Uzès, vendors from the nearby area set up along the streets. They come with beautiful jewellery, art, furniture & books (along with some stinky shoes and some drawers I would rather not open.)

I dragged Kevin along with me for a few hours this past Sunday.. I was in my glory. It reminded me of the days in University when my roomie Marin and I would hit up every Value Village in the city, scouring just to find that one thing that 'completes' you. Although I sadly did not find that special thing this trip... I'm not feeling to discouraged. There's always next Sunday!

On a sidenote, things are still going great with us in France. Kevin and I still like one another despite the fact that we literally spend 24 hours a day together. He is now a tremendous driver... today was our first day-trip in which I lazily hung out it the passenger seat the entire time. Yay! Also, our wine drinking is at an all time high. We have started a new nightly routine entitled 'Ecole et Vin' in which we drink wine while watching 'learning french' youtube videos. I really think (hope) they're helping.  Lots of love to all of our friends & family! 

Bisous Bisous