Wheat-paste street photography: Southern France

A beautiful & interesting form of street-art used quite often here in France is photography 'wheatpasting'. I thought there was something stunning about these, more specifically the way that they were torn and the beautiful shapes that are left behind. Using a paste (very similar to wallpaper paste) people paste posters for advertising and photography all along the side streets. After a bit of research it seems that this method actually dates back to the late 1800s when posters designed by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec for advertisting nightclubs and alcohol were posted all over Paris. Here's a few that we saw on a walk through Arles the other day.

Update on us: Things are still going good for us in France. Kevin's parents were here for a week and we had a very nice visit! Also, it is pomegranate season here in southern France and my fruit bandid (Aka. Kevin) has been putting his long limbs to good use and snatching up some delicious fruit. Anyways, I'll be posting some more travel shots soon:)

Bisous xo