Engagement | Nicole + Eric | Calgary Engagement Photographer

These two met WAY back in Jr.High School and I've known them for nearly as long... so it was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture their engagement!

We headed down to Fish Creek Park to capture some of the last colours of fall and right away noticed that there were bear sighting signs all over the place. We even ran into the Conservation Officer who said the bear was spotted 20 mins earlier! We continued with the shoot (keeping a third eye on the trees) and thankfully we didn't have any black bear encounters! 

We went for a quick walk past the old barn at Shannon Terrace where the bright yellow of the leaves mixed perfectly with the setting sun to give these photos a nice warm glow. Afterwards we headed down along the water, and then we finished by having Maverick join us for some 'Family' Portraits. 

These two were a joy to hang out with and we seriously can't wait for their big day in 2016!