Jackie + Greg | Coffee Shop + Winter Engagement | Calgary Wedding Photographers

We met Jackie and Greg early in the morning down at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. It's one of our favourite locations to go for a walk when we need an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. We almost never run into other people, it's always just us and nature. As luck would have it this morning, we were joined by a large group of bird watchers (and very curious bird watchers). After a quick 'getaway' hike we escaped the crowd and started to shoot along the Bow River. We wandered through the paths of the Sanctuary, making sure to stay ahead of the pack as they definitely wouldn't have been happy if they saw Jackie + Greg out on the ice chasing the geese! (whose idea was that anyways... haha) 

It was pretty chilly out so at the end of our walk we decided to stop in to Gravity in Inglewood to grab some hot drinks and warm up. We took some candid shots while these two enjoyed their green tea. I absolutely adore coffee shops and love shooting moments like these!

Jackie and Greg are an absolute joy to be around and it was such a pleasure to capture their Engagement. We're so happy for you both and excited for you & your big day in NYC!