When two become one...

I know, if you're anything like me, 'when 2 become 1' has you singing Spice Girls in your head. But really, it's true. After 4 years of running separate photography companies (Midnightea Photography and NAKA Photography), we have decided to team up, re-brand, and become one. For the amount of shoots and projects we collaborate on, this change makes perfect sense for Kevin and I. Plus, now we get to spend even MORE time together... :)

You can now refer to us as Kendal + Kevin Photography (keeping it simple this time).

And what better way to start off our new venture - taking in our very first Canada Photo Convention. After a long jog/walk through Stanley Park, we are currently hanging in our flat in downtown Van, anxiously waiting for the conference to start tomorrow. We are beyond excited to learn from some pretty awesome photographers, to make some wicked new friends and to be inspired.  Things are going to the next level in 2016.

With all this going on, I wanted to give a quick re-introduction: 

"Hi we're Kendal and Kevin, married lifestyle photographers shooting Weddings + Other Life Adventures.  We love our home, currently based on the edge of the Rockies in Calgary, but we also love to wander the globe. To us, life is an adventure and is about celebrating your passions. We are constantly exploring and are equally inspired by people + nature. Our imagery is crafted to speak of beauty, authenticity + a sense of discovery." 

We had a lot of fun with creating and developing a new brand and visual identity. A new logo, website, business cards, booklets and even a magazine! Our new branding really speaks to our personalities and we're excited to start sharing it with the world. Here's a quick look at Kendal + Kevin Photography:

If you want to say hi or meet up to learn more, just say hello. We would love to get to know you, hear your story and share some laughs! Want to simply see more of our work? Join in on the Instagram fun - @kendalandkevin (Kendal) + @kevinnakaphoto (Kevin) or head over to Facebook (it's empty now, but won't be for long... promise!)

*A quick last word - there's a bit of nostalgia and sadness (for me at least) to see Midnightea disappear. It started out as a creative outlet for me - some interesting photos I took, a place to post paintings I was working on and a bit of graphic design. But quickly it grew into so much more. It turned my passion for photography into a career. I am one of the lucky few who can say that I truly love what I do for a living (Kevin too!). As bittersweet as it is for Midnightea Photography to be ending, I am so excited about this new chapter and to see what K+K brings us!