Eriel + Evan | Banff Rocky Mountain Engagement | Calgary Wedding Photographers

While we love the Rockies pretty much year round, it's hard to beat the variety that Fall gives you. Eriel + Evan's engagement session last September is the perfect example of that. After a fresh dusting of snow, some low lying clouds rolled in to give us a soft romantic feel and as we wandered around Lake Minnewanka, the sun poked through for good measure (if only every session was like this...)

Eriel + Evan have such a warm + playful energy - since the day that we first met them for drinks at our place, we knew that working with them was going to be special.

E+E - We had such a blast hanging with you guys in Banff and we're definitely looking forward to your wedding this summer! Rodney's wont know what hit it :)

Make sure to hit play below + enjoy E+E's story below: