A New Venture for 2019 | K+K Films

With each new year comes new goals and new outlooks. There will be change, some things will grow and others will fade away. Where the next 12 months will take us is an exciting thought to say the least.

For us, video was always an alluring thing. Photography has always been our main craft and our focus. We continually strive to push ourselves to be better. There are just so many facets to wedding photography, you can never stop learning. It seemed like there simply wasn’t time to learn a completely new craft.

Then somewhere along the line, we started to notice that more and more of our clients were interested in videography. We started working alongside more and more filmmakers (and some damn good ones at that). It made us take notice. Could we be offering our couples something more?

Kevin began dabbling (as he does). He clicked the switch over to video and began filming anything and everything (but mostly our little boy Brighton haha! We have a lot of family videos). It was a steep learning curve. Some fundamentals from photography were the same but just as many were completely different. It was a whole new game.

Slowly but surely, things began to come together. After the initial hurdle of figuring out the equipment, the storytelling came naturally. We have always curated our photo collections to ‘tell a story’ and so filming was no different. It was an exciting realization. A new chapter of K+K was coming.

why video?

Coming from a photographer’s perspective, it was like we were on the other side of the fence. We kind of understood the value/appeal of video but didn’t really ‘get it’. We didn’t have a videographer at our wedding and still the majority of our clients didn’t either. Well, as you may have guessed, we’re fully on board now. And it’s not about photo vs video. It’s that they compliment each other in such a powerful way.

Your wedding photos can and should be timeless keepsakes from your day. Each frame can evoke memories in such a unique way. Stopping a moment in time can be such a beautiful gift. That said, there are two things that we’ve noticed video captures that photos simply cannot deliver - movement + audio.

Seeing your loved ones squeeze each other’s hands as you walk down the aisle or being able to relive your intimate vows over a glass of wine together is magical. This is something you won’t grow tired of. Hearing speeches from your closest family and friends and seeing their reactions makes the night come alive again. It’s truly special.

how it works

We have always put emphasis on capturing your wedding day candidly, directing throughout the day but not really worrying about setting up the ‘perfect shot’ (perfection is in the imperfection). Working with some videographers in the past has been a challenge, simply because of drastically different styles. Compatibility is key for a team to document the day smoothly. We love the little in-between moments throughout the day and want you to simply focus on each other. You’ll be relaxed and the energy and emotion will be genuine as a result, meaning we can get our best work. We obviously understand how one another work and shooting photo + video side by side has been a very natural transition.

K+K Films is here in 2019 and we’re so excited to see where it goes (follow along on instagram @kendalandkevinfilms)