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If we had one place in the world that was our favourite to photograph (outside of the mountains of course), it would easily be the west coast of Canada. We both have good friends and family and have spent our childhoods growing up bouncing back and forth between Alberta and the coast. As we’ve grown into our career as wedding photographers, the bond has only grown stronger. We seemingly get extra inspired by the ocean air and love booking a few weddings on the coast every year (So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re planning a wedding or elopement on the west coast in 2020!)

Last year we spent 5 weeks in one of our favourite places - Vancouver Island. The majority of that time was spent in Victoria, with our home base being a charming AirBnB in James Bay. While winter was beginning to settle in, the landscape was still covered in beautiful earthy tones. Even though we were unwinding from a busy wedding season (and promised ourselves that we were gonna chill), the urge was too much, we just had to do just one shoot. Enter Alyssa + Ross.

This pair had recently moved to the island from Edmonton, and we met up with them for a couples session, starting at Thetis Lake and then ending along the ocean at Kitty Islet. Working in a new environment is always inspiring and we probably could have kept shooting for hours had the sun not gone down! We had a great time meeting you guys and hope life on the island is going wonderfully!