Ainsley + Brent | Couples Session | Calgary Wedding Photographers

The west coast is our absolute favourite, and to be able to spend some time with Ainsley, Brent and their amazing family (shout out to Poppy + Benji) made it all the better! 

Vancouver Island is home to some of the most scenic coastline in Canada and Victoria is a prime example. Cutting in and out of houses are rocky outcrops and grassy knolls that lead down into the Juan De Fuca Straight (it was pretty easy location scouting). Islands dot the horizon, a fresh ocean breeze fills the air and the sound ocean waves rounded out the perfect setting for a relaxed couples session. 

These two have known each other for quite some time and they recently had a new member join the family (check out our previous post)! It's such an exciting time, and a perfect moment to capture their love and joy for each other! 

We had an absolute blast with you two and can't wait to hang again the next time we're out on the west coast!