Kendal + Kevin Photography | 2016 Year in Review | Love Stories

2016 has been a big year for us. Last Spring, Kevin and I decided to combine our photography businesses into Kendal + Kevin Photography and we are SO glad that we did. Of course there have been some learning curves through the process... we've definitely had to work on balancing our 'married' life with our 'business' life. Some of us (yes, me) have had to learn how to let go and to not be so much of a perfectionist (and I'm so glad that I have... I've realized that Kevin is actually much better and way more efficient than I am at many things!) But more than that, it's been pretty cool to write our own little love story... not just as photographers, but as a couple.

Life is always changing and evolving and it's hard to believe how many amazingly cool couples we've have the privilege of meeting over the last year and the huge influence they've played on our day to day lives. To steal a quote from our website 'we love documenting love and life just as we see it - nothing overdone, over-posed or over-processed'. And it's true! We really do strive to find the beauty in the ordinary. It's right there in-front of us, sometimes we just need a reminder to go looking for it.

The world is full of love stories and within each of those stories lies an adventure. Some are passionate + beautiful, some are cute + perfectly awkward, often they are a bit of both and always, they are built with a lot of hard work. The one thing that seems to hold true is that every love story is completely and utterly unique. 

As we head into 2017 that last bit continues to amaze and inspire us. To be honest, we have questioned in the past whether we would hit a point of repetition, or think to ourselves 'been there, done that'. But we haven't even come close and ultimately that is where we base the core of our business. We realize more and more that every couple that we meet holds a wonderful and unexpected story. A story that we can't wait to uncover :)

2017 is lining up to be a crazy ride, so before we dive in, here's a look back at some of our favourite moments from 2016: