Kendal + Kevin Photography | Where to Elope in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

For the most part, we use this space to post about our amazing couples and their love stories, whether it be engagements, weddings or elopements... and we will continue to do so (we already have so many awesome things to share from 2018!) That said, we're going to expand and start sharing more entries aimed at helping engaged couples with the planning. There are so many unknowns when you start diving into the wedding world and we figured we could help a little from a photographer's perspective. And if you have any topics that you'd like help on, don't be shy - write us a note here - SAY HELLO. First up, we're going to tackle 'Where to Elope in the Canadian Rocky Mountains'.

It's no secret that we absolutely adore Elopements in the Rockies. The raw intimacy of the couple, combined with the grandiose beauty of the mountains have all the ingredients for a pretty damn magical day. 

While there aren't as many moving parts as a full wedding, planning an elopement is no easy task. Suddenly the whole world is a possibility and things can become a bit overwhelming. Well, if you're looking at the Canadian Rockies, we've got your back.  This is our backyard and over the years we've compiled a list of our favourite spots to elope to.

In coming up with this list, we considered a number of criteria: logistics + practicality, remoteness + privacy (sorry Lake Louise), and maybe most importantly - the scenery. To us, the combination of a crisp mountain lake, dense forest stands + bold mountain peaks can't be beat, and so it's no surprise that the locations we featured below have all 3! In no particular order, here are Kendal + Kevin's favourite spots to Elope: 

Emerald Lake 

Elevation: 1301 m | Location: Yoho National Park

Featured: Kim + Greg

This lake is nestled within a beautiful valley in lesser known Yoho National Park, on the most eastern side of British Columbia. Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts runs Emerald Lake Lodge, a collection of luxurious lakeside cabins - an ideal place to stay. 

Why we love it: It's in the name! The lake's vibrant turquoise colour takes your breath away. 

Best Time of Year: Year Round! This location is stunning year round. 

Moraine Lake

Elevation: 1884 m | Location: Banff National Park

Featured: Annaciara + Aria

This gem is Lake Louise's slightly lesser known cousin, although that is quickly changing. It's hard to find a more picturesque lake and if you go early in the morning it's still relatively quiet. 

Why we love it: The mind blowing beauty.  

Best Time of Year: Late Spring or Late Fall (to avoid the crowds)

Barrier Lake

Elevation: 1385 m | Location: Bow Valley Provincial Park

Featured: Into The Wild | Elopement

Barrier Lake is a favourite with locals, providing beautiful views in almost every direction. The lake is in the front ranges of the Rockies and is one of the first lakes to thaw in the Spring.

Why we love it: The variety. This location gives you a little bit of everything.

Best Time of Year: Summer

Peyto Lake

Elevation: 1860 m | Location: Banff National Park

Featured: Kelley + Stephan

Another glacier-fed lake, this is arguably the best view-point in the Rockies. While popular with tourists, a short 20 mins hike will leave the crowds behind and you'll be all alone with this masterpiece.  

Why we love it: Sunsets. Although you may have to plan a late night, watching the sky change as the sun sets is more than worth it!

Best Time of Year: Year Round (although the lake is covered in snow/ice until about mid-June)

Spray Lakes

Elevation: 1701 m | Location: Spray Lakes Provincial Park

Featured: Andria + Mike

In the heart of Kananaskis Country, this is another popular spot with locals, though due to the size you might think you're the only person out there!

Why we love it: The vastness. The lake winds through the valley with gorgeous views around each corner.

Best time of year: Summer - Fall

Bow Lake

Elevation: 1920 m | Banff National Park

Just before you reach Peyto Lake, you'll come across Bow Lake - a worthy destination of it's own. Beautiful lakeshore trails make this one of the most accessible locations. You can even stay at the historical Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

Why we love it: The surrounding glaciers make for the perfect backdrop.

Best time of year: Fall - the colours are unreal!

If you are thinking of eloping in the Canadian Rockies, we hope this list helps you out! We have a lot more tips and guide entries coming to our Journal so make sure to keep an eye out!

Lata gatas x